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Sustainable Drainage Statements (SuDS)

Elite Ecology prepare Sustainable Drainage Statements (SuDS) or Drainage Impact Assessments which may be required for planning applications. It is required by law that any development site of 10 dwellings or more or the industrial/commercial equivalent is assessed.

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If your development’s is located within Flood Zones 2 or 3, or within an area identified as having a surface water flooding problem, you are also likely to need a drainage strategy.

A sustainable drainage system (SuDS) or surface water drainage strategy looks at how surface water affects a site and the surrounding area. It considers how your development will be affected by this and establishes how a developer can meet the requirements for the site set by national and local planning policy.

We are licensed to carry out these surveys in Staffordshire and anywhere else in the UK and our prices for these surveys start at £350.

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