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BREEAM Assessments

BREEAM Assessments are crucial to sustainable developments within the commercial sector. Elite Ecology can offer these assessments at very competitive rates.


Ecological categories are available for the development to earn credits. For these to be assessed, a suitably qualified ecologist (SQE) should undertake these assessments to be able to award the credits fairly for a site. Therefore, the Suitably Qualified Ecologist is able to assess a site to ensure it maintains, protects and enhances the ecological value of a site that is proposed for development. The Ecologist will then advise on the best ways to enhance the site to be able to maximise the credits that are available for the project. They are also able to ensure that wildlife conservation is a core part of buildings and civil engineering projects environmental performance and sustainability.

Don’t hesitate to get us involved in your BREEAM Assessment. Contact us now for a fast, free quote on BREEAM Surveys!

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