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All bats are protected by law within the United Kingdom. Therefore, prior to any development, bats are required to be considered prior to the approval of planning. They can be found using all types of features within our landscape including; trees, buildings, bridges, caves, cliffs, mines and other structures (such as stone walls and old WWII Defences). They use these features for different types of roosts and are used for shelter, protection and breeding sites. They can use a feature so long as it has a crack, crevice or hole as small as your thumb!


Our bat surveys come at competitive prices and follow the latest survey guidelines set out by the Bat Conservation Trust. The surveys are undertaken by the appropriate licenced individuals across England, Scotland and Wales. They are undertaken on any potential bat habitat and include:

  • Preliminary Roost Assessments – Initial inspections to outline bat potential on a site and to examine whether further survey effort is required.

  • Bat Activity Surveys – Surveys to examine what species use the site and for what purpose.

  • Bat Transect Surveys - Surveys to establish the use of a site by bats across the season.

  • Static Bat Monitoring Surveys 

  • Bat Tree Assessments - 

  • Hibernation Surveys – To analyse a site to see if any hibernating bats are present (No hibernating bats are disturbed during the surveys).

We also have experience in devising and implementing appropriate mitigation and compensation measures, including Natural England development licences.

We are licensed to carry out bat surveys anywhere in the UK and our prices for bat surveys start at £350.


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