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Environmental Impact Assessments

An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) may be required for the determination of planning applications. Alternatively, they can permit applications for developments of any size where an impact upon valued ecological receptors may occur


Elite Ecology has considerable experience in the initial site surveys required for ecological Impact Assessments. Further to this, our ecologists have the experience and knowledge to analyse a site and recommend realistic mitigation and/or compensation measures that reduce the overall impacts upon sensitive fauna, flora and habitats.

The survey reports for EIA’s are very flexible and can be adapted to the individual client’s needs. With this being said, the following are usually incorporated into our reports:

  • Information about the relevant legislation and planning policies that have affected the scope of the survey.

  • Obtaining and evaluating existing ecological data.

  • Undertaking appropriate ecological surveys.

  • Impacts of the proposed development on identified flora and fauna species.

  • Mitigation and Compensation measures that ensure the land remains in favourable conservation status for the species using them.

  • The division of site enhancement measures that are in keeping with the local environment for local species of flora and fauna.

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