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Garden Wildlife Plan

At Elite Ecology we have a unique service that we can provide to the general public, property developers and local authorities alike. Gardens make up an astonishing proportion of the UK’s land mass and are important habitats for our wildlife. Wildlife is also known to improve the health of people witnessing it and we have come up with the ideal packages to bring this opportunity to your very own garden!

Image by Piotr Łaskawski

Our Garden Wildlife Plan gives anyone the opportunity to take responsibility for their carbon footprint and to transform their garden into a vibrant and ecologically friendly space. Elite Ecology enhance gardens in urban, suburban and rural locations to help protect our wildlife, create suitable wildlife corridors and obtain a greener future. The packages that we currently offer are ideal for the wildlife lover, the keen gardeners and anybody seeking brilliant presents for those who enthuse in nature.

We offer highly competitive prices and a choice of three fantastic packages. These range from a basic package through to the full, comprehensive service aimed at offering you extensive support in creating and maintaining your wildlife garden.

The packages we offer at Elite Ecology are:

Basic Package:

The basic package is the cheapest option on offer. The services you get for this cost includes:

  • One site visit that includes a brief survey of the garden.

  • A discussion with you, the land owner(s), to discuss land management options and what you are looking to achieve from our plans.

  • We will take a brief look at nearby gardens, habitats and land from aerial photographs to give an indication of what habitats lie in the near vicinity to the garden. This will also identify potential species that could occur within the area.

  • A small management plan document to summarise the survey effort and outline the recommended management to achieve your ideal wildlife garden.


Intermediate Package:


The intermediate package offers the same services as the basic package, with the following additional extras:

  • An Ecological Data Search of the surrounding area will be ordered to enable the garden management to be guided specifically towards the species known to be in the area.

  • The production of a more detailed management plan document outlining the management techniques recommended for the garden.


Elite Package:


Our Elite package is the most consummate deal that is more likely to provide a successful wildlife garden. This package offers the same services as those in both the basic and intermediate packages, but with some additional extras:

  • Wildlife surveys will be undertaken to analyse what species are found in the garden and the nearby area at present. This will enable us to provide you with specific plans for these species and look towards optimising the habitat for these species.

  • The most in-depth management plan that Elite Ecology produce.

  • The opportunity to commission Elite Ecology to manage the garden for the property owner(s) to make the management easier for your ideal garden.

  • Post-monitoring surveys to enable us to witness the success of our management strategies and implement any modifications that may be necessary to guarantee a successful wildlife garden. A letter statement outlining any survey results will also be provided as standard, unless the property owner requests a full report at additional costs.


Please note that our quotes are entirely bespoke due to the differing sizes of gardens and travel time to the site. Discounts are available for multiple house agreements!

So what are you waiting for, join numerous people up and down the country in enhancing gardens for wildlife! Contact us now for a free bespoke quote!

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