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Great Crested Newts

Elite Ecology are licenced to undertake surveys for the protected great crested newt and are able to undertake newt surveys across England, Scotland and Wales. Following the industry accepted methodologies, we are able to provide site coping assessments (including Habitat Suitability Index (HSI), population assessments, mitigation and compensation plans that are bespoke to each project.


Newts are amphibians and can be found in both aquatic and terrestrial habitats. There are three species of newt that reside within mainland Britain, but only the great crested newt is protected by law. The great crested newt is actually widespread across the country, but have been found to be extremely localised and vulnerable to habitat fragmentation and isolation through new developments and infrastructure. This has seen their numbers decline in recent years, leading to their legal protection within UK and European Law.

The added bonus of undertaking great crested newt surveys is that other amphibians are also identified and can also be saved from harm. This is particularly important for the common toad that has seen dramatic declines over recent years. Newt Surveys are available at highly competitive prices anywhere in the UK.

We are licensed to carry out newt surveys in Staffordshire and anywhere else in the UK and our prices for newt surveys start at £350.

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